What I Study

Hi, I'm Katie. I'm a senior at Cornell University, majoring in Operations Research & Information Engineering (ORIE) and minoring in Computer Science (CS). On the side, I've taken select coursework in Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) and Information Science (ISST). I'm from Dallas, Texas and graduated from Allen High School in 2017.

I am obsessed with venture capital, product management, and unmanned technology. I am also interested in data science, digital marketing, and UI/UX. On campus, I'm an autopilot software developer on CUAir and the Co-Founder & Vice President of the Cornell Entrepreneurship Club. I scout startups for Open Scout and am an Irwin & Joan Jacobs Scholar in the College of Engineering.

Previously, I was the Executive Director for BigRed//Hacks, the Marketing/Design Director for IvyHacks, and the Head of Professional Development for Alpha Omega Epsilon. I was also the Cornell Campus Ambassador for Sequoia Capital.


My hobbies include bullet journaling (@katdocs), flying drones, and figure skating. I'm interested in all things space, transportation, AR/VR, tech & productivity, and AI/ML. My Myers-Briggs type indicator is ENTJ, and my Enneagram type indicator is 3w2. I'm an avid reader (Goodreads) - I'm always down for non-fiction, business/entrepreneurship, and sci-fi recommendations.

I love national parks! So far, I've been to 20 of them: JiuZhai Valley (China), Hot Springs, Grand Canyon, Gateway Arch, Grand Teton, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Sequoia, Kings Canyon, Jasper (Canada), Banff (Canada), Yoho (Canada), Glacier (Canada), Mount Revelstoke (Canada), Arches, Bryce Canyon, Zion, White Sands, Rocky Mountains, and Great Sand Dunes. I've driven through the entire southern border of the United States, with roadtrips from Texas to Florida, California, Wyoming, Utah/Arizona, and from New York to Texas (thanks quarantine). Always looking to add new nature spots to my bucketlist :)


Let's connect! Email me at yl2249@cornell.edu or message me through social media.

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