CUAir Projects

Autopilot Subteam, Fall 2017-Present

Unmanned Ground Vehicle Lead (Fall 2020-Present): Directing a hardware & software team through development and integration of an unmanned ground vehicle to be dropped from an autonomous plane by glider.

Ground Control Station Redesign (Spring 2020-Present): The ground station that the Autopilot subteam uses has become pretty inundated with bugs and usability issues, so I'm spending this semester researching better UI/UX design and redesigning it.

Batch Waypoint Editor (Spring 2019): Streamlines moving around waypoints by the batch on Autopilot's custom ground control station.

Autonomous Rolling Takeoff & Landing (Spring 2018, Fall 2018): Made it possible (and safe!) for Bixler planes and Orion, CUAir's 2018-2019 competition plane, to autonomously takeoff and land on wheels.

Ground Coverage (Late Fall 2017, Spring 2018): Enables user to visualize camera image coverage of the field on Autopilot's custom ground control station.

Bixler Planes (Fall 2017, Spring 2018): I assembled multiple Bixler planes and integrated/configured our Pixhawk 2.1 autopilot hardware.


Co-Founder, June 2020-Oct 2020

iOS mental health and productivity app with a habit tracker, chatbot, and journal with ML sentiment analysis. Developed product vision & strategy, set development timeline, designed in Figma, coded in React Native. It was part of the Made with ML summer incubator.

Donate COVID-19

Project Manager, Mar 2020-June 2020

Social impact website highlighting local donation funds. Launched on May 17th. @donatecovid on Instagram. Check out the website here.


Spring 2020

Developed a company that specializes in complete and efficient travel planning tools. It was a semester-long project as part of ORIE 4152 Entrepreneurship for Engineers. Final presentation here.

Alpha Omega Epsilon Website

Fall 2019

As website chair, I made a new website for Cornell's chapter of Alpha Omega Epsilon. Check it out here.

Nimbul Air

Co-Founder, Summer 2019

Developing software for the next generation of unmanned technology. Started with 3 CUAir teammates. Startup was in stealth mode, but the team has put off the project for now. Check out the website here.

Taxi Driving Game

May 2019

Final project for CS 3420/ECE 3140: Embedded Systems. We used the MBED online compiler IDE to write the program in C/C++. For materials, we used a FRDM K64F board and an Adafruit 32x32 LED matrix.


BigRed//Hacks Project, Fall 2017

A web application that utilizes Python, Keras, PHP, Microsoft API, Twilio API, YouTube API, and the NLTK to parse images of academic notes and text users relevant Youtube links. You can view the DevPost submission here.

Awards: Top 10 Project, Best Technical Feat, Most Innovative Project

Arduino LED Cube

Senior Year AP/GT English Project, Spring 2017

Part of my senior year independent study project: Building with Code. I used 64 LEDs and an Arduino board to assemble a cube that can light up in patterns. You can learn more about the project here.

FRC 5417 Computer Vision

Senior Year AP/GT English Project, Spring 2017

Part of my senior year independent study project: Building with Code. I wrote some code that made it possible for my robotics team's 2016-2017 competition robot to accurately depict reflective tape and deliver gears onto pegs. You can learn more about the project here.

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