FIRST Robotics

Co-President, May 2016-June 2017
Vision Programmer, Aug 2015-May 2016

Honors/Awards: 2017 FRC World Championship Entrepreneurship Award, 2017 Texas UIL State Championship Finalist, 2017 Dallas Regional Champion, 2017 Dallas Regional Judges’ Award, 2017 Lone Star North Semi-Finalist, 2016 Dallas Regional Wildcard

I managed an organization of 70+ students in fabrication, business, and software teams. I was also a vision programmer and worked on developing code in Java (using OpenCV) to automatically detect reflective pieces of tape. Check out the project here.

I compiled the technical journal and part of the sponsorship packet. I was a presenter on the sponsorship team, and went to local companies to pitch to potential sponsors. My junior year, my team had less than a month to raise $20,000 to afford to go to the FRC World Championship, and I helped us reach that goal within two weeks. In order to purchase team apparel, I organized an online fundraiser sponsored by Pear and Lenovo to raise $1000; this was successfully repeated the following year.

Student Council

Senior Class Officer, May 2016-June 2017
Junior Class Officer, May 2015-May 2016

I spoke in front of 11,000 at Allen High School's Graduation Ceremony for the class of 2017. I was also one of 3 students invited to speak at the 2017 Texas Association of Student Council State Conference in front of 5,000 student leaders. The theme of that year's conference was "Dare to Dream, Dare to Do".

Junior World Affairs Council

President, May 2016-June 2017
Secretary, May 2015-May 2016

I planned out meeting slides, updated the website weekly, and developed a curriculum in preparation for the Dallas-Fort Worth Academic WorldQuest competition in February. We had 2 of our 3 teams place in the top 10 out of ~100 teams.

SecondGen LLC

Co-Founder, Director of Operations, Mar 2015-Aug 2016

My sophomore year of high school, I co-founded SecondGen, an international youth organization with 3 other teen entrepreneurs. This idea spurred from the 2015 Dallas Regional Science and Engineering Fair, when my friends and I noticed that our school was too large, and although our school had so many talented students, they weren't collaborating with fellow creators simply because they didn't know of each other (yet). We created SecondGen with the goal to connect students in the North Dallas suburb community who were interested in art, music, film, business, and technology. Soon, SecondGen expanded to other parts of Texas, over the nation, and internationally. Through SecondGen, students created a hub for collaboration, and worked on creative projects, hosted events, and organized hackathons together. As of the end of 2016, SecondGen had over 1000 members located in North America, Asia, Australia, Europe, and Africa.


Co-Founder, Main Hackathon Organizer, Dec 2015-Aug 2016

I was one of the 4 main organizers for IncubateDFW. IncubateDFW was part of IncubateX, a teen-entrepreneurship hackathon organization that held events in 17 cities worldwide during the summer of 2016. Both IncubateX and IncubateDFW spurred out of SecondGen projects. IncubateDFW was held on various floors in the Alto 211 building in downtown Dallas.


Hackathon Organizer, Dec 2015-April 2016

I managed logistics and marketing for Dallas-Fort Worth’s first MLH-sponsored high school hackathon, which was hosted at my own high school. We had about ~300 attendees participate.

Concert Band

Band CEO, Spring 2017
1st Chair Flute & Piccolo, Spring 2017
1st Chair Flute, Spring 2015 and Spring 2016

I got to rehearsal at 7:20am everyday to take attendance, delegate new music, start warmups, and help the director with any logistics. Fun times.

Marching Band

Flute Lead Drill Instructor, Summer/Fall 2015 and Summer/Fall 2016
Flute, Fall 2014

I taught/coached a squad of ~10 flutes during summer band, coordinated music, planned section events with the other flute leaders, and oversaw ~100 flutes (fun fact: the Allen Eagle Escadrille is the LARGEST high school marching band in the world, with over 740 members). During my senior year, I started Big Sis Lil Sis (and Bros) Gameday Themes. Flute upperclassmen were paired with underclassmen, and were given actions/tasks to do on gamedays, with the conclusion of a gift exchange at the end of the regular season.

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